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[hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides]China News Coach May 27 (Reporter Gao Kai) ◆••■”I have been curious about the development of the entire online literature, is in the upper slope◁●? Is it parallel? Or is there a answer now, it may have been an answer.” 27th , “Net Great God☆■▷◁” bonfire draws princes in Chongqing to Chinas reporter. In 2005, he began to have a well-known head network writer in the net name of the ▷☆●”Bonfire”◁★. Chen Zhenghua▪●□, who was in the 2021 China Network Literature Forum, let himself feel the ●••”change■…■” of the industry, mainly web text. The reading amount is not like the past, and some IP begins to cool shrink. For the ▷●”change” of the bonfire, the “change○▼”, Chi!

Original title: Wu Ying case, the father and sister were allowed to listen to March 23, and the Zhejiang Senior Court will trial Wu Ying (commutation) in the provincial womens prison. Zhejiang High Court began to publicly tried the case at 9:30 am▼★○○. At present, Wu Yings father and sister have been allowed to come to the side. Editor in charge●=: Zhang Y.

Original title: China will promote the construction of natural gas storage system this year Source: Visual China is trying to establish systematic guarantees for Chinas strong natural gas consumption market. On March 7th, the “2018 Energy Work Guidance” issued by the National Energy Administration (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”) pointed out that China will promote the establishment of natural gas production storage systems. The Energy Bureau predicted that Chinas natural gas production is about 160 billion cubic meters in 2018, achieving rapid growth. But the contradiction between supply and demand is still outstanding. At the recent national two sessions■▼●, Wang Yulin, a member of the National Political Consultative Conference, and China National Petroleum Group (Non-referred to QuaC), said that Chinas natural gas consumption growth rate is 15% -16%, and the contradiction between the winter Mingchun will still be more prominent. And natural gas supply and demand contradicti○☆☆. gelatin kosher industrial use of proteinscarbs in gelatin native chicken type ii collagen protein supplement industry size,