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China New Network reported that the Argentine Chinese network reported that the local time on the morning of the local time, a gunman robbed a Chinese supermarket in Pisal, Argentina, and escaping in the beating shop◁▼•. According to the police news•=☆▽, the incident occurred at 9:30 am on the 27th, and the supermarket just opened the door▲▽■. A gangster broke into the supermarket and threatened the 37-year-old Chinese owner and a 28-year-old female employee, snatched about 5,000 peso cash and two apple phones○◆○▲. It is reported that the gangsters use the gun to beaten the main head of the store before escaping, causing the lack of scalp being cut. Then, the gangster fled the scene. According to witnesses around, there is another riding motorcycl.

# 2018 Look at the two sessions # [Ma Junsheng: There are nearly 600 million peasants to enjoy online shopping services] Ma Junsheng, the Director of the State Post Bureau, currently, the administrative village has reached 96%◆●▼, and the rural express coverage rate has reached 87%…▼, and nearly 600 million farmers have enjoyed Online shopping service. The next step will: 1 Continue to promote the coverage of rural outlets; 2 Improve express coverage•□; 3 to the farm products with a certain brand, a certain sales power will launch express + gold medal projects◇▷◆●. Let courier and post can better serve rural precise poverty alleviation work. # 微视 两 会 # Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang hydrolysed gelatine!

Original title: China Navy Nanhai show strength to make the US shock station “Relief Committee△◇-■” prophecy may have a big event within 3 months [Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan Global Times Station Special Reporter Xiao Shi Qing Mu Chen Yi Liu Yumong] “Liaoning Shipping Cost more than 40 The ship went to the South China Sea actual combat drill, satellite exposure of the mate●…☆. “Not long ago, I still worried that the Liaoning ship aircraft carrier through the island of the Taiwan Strait•◆◇, I sent an exclusive voice on the 28th. Among the day●★•◆, the international media reported that this time▲▲, the South China Sea exercise from Liaoning Ship, or the scope of the military, it is an unusual△•▷▼, large-scale display of military power☆★. The strength of the Chinese Navy showed the United States vibrating. American Zh Krands senior defense affairs analyst Ohmanneke is relevant to Rand▼☆▽△, on the 27t peptide collagen 100 fish origin minecraft industrial foregoing protein generator chicken type ii collagen sigma!gelatin test